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Automatic bag opening

Automatic bag opening is often an important part of the whole working process. Nowadays, it is unthinkable that bags are opened manually, especially when you are working on developing more efficiency in the workplace of your company. It is also important that your automatic bag opening machine is adapted to your type of activities, products and production processes. The specialists of ATS Transporttechnieken use their experience and knowledge to come up with optimal solutions in your specific situation, always with the most durable materials and most modern technical systems.

  • Customized configurations
  • Fast product processing
  • Remote help

From automatic bag opening machines to storage

When you have pallets with stacks of bags in your company and you need the content of these bags (like granulate, powder, animal food, rice, sugar, beans, etc.), a system for emptying bags automatically is the most efficient solution. In this area, there are many options available at ATS Transporttechnieken. Our machines are able to empty bags with granulate (or powder, animal food, rice, sugar, beans, etc.) into a specific receiving bin. This can be for example a large container, but also a truck or a silo. The capacity of the machine is between 15 and 30 tons of granules per hour, depending on the chosen implementation and the product to be processed.

Automatic pallet in- and outfeed and bag opening

Our machines also offer options for fully automatic pallet infeed and outfeed and empty pallet stacking to depalletise bags even more efficiently. In this way, you only have to load the system with multiple pallets once, and the system will automatically destack and empty all the loaded pallets. After emptying a pallet, the empty pallet scan be stacked by a pallet stacker. Because of our unique knocker/shaker system, the bags are even emptied more than 99,98%!

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