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Fully automatic bag emptyer

Do you want to use a fully automatic bag emptyer? ATS Bag emptying is specialised in many different bag emptying solutions. Browse the different models that we have available and see together with our experts, which model suits you the most.

Fully automatic bag emptyer that you can buy at our company

Our fully automatic standard bag emptyer empties granulate filled bags of 25Kg. Pallets can manually be fed into the lift at the front or sides. After placing the pallet into the lift, the lift will transport the pallet upwards to a shuttle with integrated grippers. The integrated grippers will grab a layer of 5 bags of the pallet and ride this to the emptying process. Here the shuttle will drive the bags over rotating blades and a unique shaker system. This unique shaker system will ensure that the bags will be emptied for 99.98%. the product will be collected in the product hopper. The shuttle will release the empty bags into a bag hopper that is connected to a bin. Here the operator or employee can take out the emptied bags. With these standard units, the main control cabinet is often mounted on the front or side of the frame, this gives you a good overview of the emptying process during operation via the HMI touch panel. The capacity of these machines is between 10 and 30 tons per hour. This depends on the configuration of the machine and the product.

Pneumatic transport with our fully automatic bag emptyer

After the product has fallen into the product hopper the product will be evenly dosed into the pneumatic transport piping using a rotary valve. The blower will transport the product to the connected silo (groups) or silo trucks. Besides a fully automatic bag emptyer we offer a variety of other products such as:

Every machine configuration is possible, order now

Do you want to buy a fully automatic bag emptyer? Browse our selection! Our machines can be configured or adapted completely according to the wishes or specifications of the customer, please contact us for the possibilities.

You can also visit our YouTube-channel for videos of this machine.


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