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Are you interested in a bag emptying machine for food products? ATS Bag emptying offers a variety of bag emptying machines for food products. With our help, your operations will surely run smoothly. Browse our services online.

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With our fully automatic bag emptying machines 25 or 50kg bags with granulate, beans, sugar or powders for food productscan be emptied into a product hopper. Pallets can manually or automatically be fed into the machine. The capacity depends on the selected bag-emptying model or the product that needs to be emptied, the range of the capacity is between 10 and 30 tons an hour. After placing a pallet in the machine, the machine will transport the pallet upwards to a shuttle with integrated grippers. The integrated grippers will grab a layer of the pallet and ride this to the emptying process. Here, the shuttle will ride the bags over rotating blades and a unique shaker system. Our bag-empty percentage is higher than 99,98%!

Our projects | what we’ve delivered

Are you interested in seeing what kind of projects we have going on with our bag emptying machine products for food? We have a variety of different projects available such as:

After the emptying process, the shuttle will release the emptied bags into a bag hopper. This bag hopper can be connected to a bag compactor of baler press. Depending on your application you can make a choice between different machines. After selecting the machine that suits your application you can add extra options.

The following bag-emptying machine are possible:

  • Standard bag-emptying machine: product capacity of 400 – 600 bags/hour (10-15Ton).
  • High-capacity bag-emptying machine: product capacity of 1200 bags/hour (30Ton).
  • XL & XXL-bag-emptying machine: Suitable for emptying in Octa bins, Big-bags, or containers.
  • Bag emptying machine for emptying powder bags.
  • Special bag-emptying machine: Stainless steel machines, Wider bag-emptying machine for emptying 50Kg bags and Mobile bag-bag emptying machine.

    Video: Bag emptying system for food products (rice, beans, etc.)

    Video: Bag emptying machine / debagger with bale press

    These bag-emptying models can be equipped with the following options:

    • Automatic pallet in/outfeed with or without pallet stacker.
    • Pneumatic product transport to silo’s or silo trucks.
    • Bag compactor or baler press for empty bags.
    • Machine with (automatic) cleaning system.
    • Machine with ATEX equipment (EX) suitable for explosion hazardous products.
    • Cover with dust extraction system.
    • Maintenance platform with stairs and access door

    To date our machines have emptied bags made of PE, paper, and woven plastics. Our machines are used for processing of the following products:

    • Plastic granulates (PP/PE /LDPE/HDPE).
    • Sugar;
    • Rice & beans;
    • Ammonium sulphate;
    • Resin;
    • Powders.

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    Is your desired machine not listed above or do you wonder if your product can be processed? Please do not hesitate to contact us. If you send us a product sample, we can test the possibilities on our machines for free.

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