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Bag-emptying machine – XXL-unit with granulate dryer for filling containers

Our fully automatic XXL-unit empties granulate filled bags of 25Kg. Pallets can manually be fed into the machine. After placing the pallet into the lift, the lift will transport the pallet upwards to a shuttle with integrated grippers. The integrated grippers will grab a layer of 5 bags of the pallet and ride this to the emptying process. Here the shuttle will drive the bags over rotating blades and a unique shaker system. This unique shaker system will ensure that the bags will be emptied for 99.98%. the product will be collected in the product hopper.

Normally we equip the main control cabinet with an HMI. In this case the main control cabinet is mounted in a space were there is no overview over the machine.

Because operators like to have a complete overview of the machine, we have equipped this machine with a control cabinet at the front.

With the HMI that is mounted inside this control cabinet you have complete control and overview of the emptying process.

The capacity of these machines is between 10 and 30 tons per hour. This depends on the configuration of the machine and the product.


This machine is equipped with rotating brushes with height adjustment to clean the bottom of the bags. By transporting the bags from the lift to the emptying process the shuttle will ride the bags over rotating brushes. The brushes will move upwards until they meet the bags, because of the height adjustment it doesn’t matter if you use thin or thicker bags the bottom will always be cleaned nicely. The debris will fall into a waste funnel that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner.

In addition to the rotating brushes, this machine is also equipped with several air knives (on the shuttle, above the product hopper and more) during a cleaning cycle, any remaining granulate grains are blown away from dead spots.

Granulate dryer

In addition to the other XXL-unit, this unit has a granulate dryer that’s located on the first platform level. Under the product hopper there is a 3-way valve, when the moisture sensor in the hopper detects a certain moisture percentage the valve will switch to the dryer. Because of this the granulate will first be dried before filling the big-bag, Octabin or container.

Platform with stairs and access door

Due to the height of this XXL-unit and the dryer we’ve engineered a multi level platform.

On the first level you have a platform for maintenance, inspection or cleaning of the granulate dryer.

The second level has an access door, access must be requested at the control cabinet near the door. This platform is for maintenance, inspection or cleaning of the critical bag-emptying parts.


This XXL-unit is higher, this gives us more space under the machine for adding a granulate dryer and placing a container in which the product can be filled.

Every machine configuration is possible

Our machines can be configured or adapted completely according to the wishes or specifications of the customer, please contact us for the possibilities.

You can also visit our YouTube-channel for videos of this machine.


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