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Bag emptying system – standard unit

With our automatic bag emptying machine, which can be specifically developed for your company, you are able to efficiently empty bags in for example a truck, solo, big bag or container. When you choose for automatic bag emptying with cleaning function, the machine can be used way more often for different products, without any effort. Discover the functionalities of this system for emptying bags in a truck, silo or container and read more about the possibilities for a tailor-made machine for your company.

  • Customized configurations
  • Fast product processing
  • Remote help

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Information about the automatic bag emptying machine

With the fully automatic bag emptying machine, granulate bags of 25 kg can be opened and emptied into a receiving bin, for example in a truck, big bag, silo or container. We are happy to give you advice about installing the machine in the right place. When you choose for an automatic bag emptying machine with cleaning system, the gripper head and receiving bin will be cleaned after each batch. This way, you are able to use it for a new product immediately. Please feel free to contact us for customer specific specifications and variations of our systems. Some examples:

Operating principle

Pallets with bags can be placed into the machine manually or automatically with a pallet conveyor system. The capacity of the machine is between 15 and 30 tons of granules per hour, depending on the chosen implementation and the product to be processed. After placing a loaded pallet in the machine it is lifted up to a movable gripper head. Its integrated grippers take the top layer of bags of the pallet which are then transported over rotating blades to the receiving bin. These rotating blades cut the bags open, causing the granulate to fall into the bin. A unique knocker/shaker system ensures that the bags are fully emptied. Emptying is better than 99,98%! After emptying the bags the gripper head moves the empty bags to a collection funnel and drops them. It is also possible to transport or drop the empty bags (in)to a bag compactor or baler.

Contact us for more information

We are happy to give you more information and advice about the utilisation of our systems. Are you interested in an automatic bag emptying system with cleaning, or do you want to store products in a silo, big bag or container? We offer you all the necessary information about every technical aspect. Fill in the contact form or send an email to info@ats-transporttechnieken.nl.

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