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Fine maze grid

While the bags are being opened, small pieces of plastic from the bags may end up in the product. This depends on the way the bag is glued and which type of bag it is. At the bottom of the product hopper In the standard machines there is a maze grid installed with a width of 20 x 20 mm. We cannot guarantee that all scraps will be separated from the product by this maze grid.

In order to guarantee that all the scraps will be separated from the product we can install a fine maze grid with a distance of approx. 10 x 10 mm. This grid is installed at the top of the product hopper to guarantee the capacity of the machine. To make cleaning easy we equipped this grid with the capability to ride from one side to the other side of the product hopper.

When this option is chosen we also recommend to install a maintenance platform with staircase and access door. This will make cleaning the grid and hopper easier.


Technical specifications

Motor SEW, 400VAC / 50Hz or 460VAC / 60Hz
Material grid Stainless steel ASI 304
Distance grid

Approx 10 x 10 mm

A.T.S. Bagemptying