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Standard bag-emptying machine

This standard bag-emptying machine is suitable for emptying 400 – 600 25Kg bags / hour (10-15 Tons/hour).

This machine has the option of loading pallets directly into the lift at the front or sides with a forklift. It’s also possible at additional cost to make the pallet infeed suitable for a hand pallet truck.

After placing a pallet in the lift, the lift will transport the pallet upwards to a shuttle with integrated grippers. The integrated grippers will grab a layer of 5 bags of the pallet and ride this to the emptying process. Here the shuttle will drive the bags over rotating blades and a unique shaker system. Our bag-empty percentage is higher than 99,98%!

The product is collected in a product hopper that is equipped with an inspection hatch with safety sensor.

Under the product hopper a reducer and be made for mounting a rotary valve in case of installing pneumatic transport.

Automatic pallet in/outfeed and empty pallet stacker

It is possible to equip the standard bag emptying machine with automatic pallet in/outfeed and a stacker for the empty pallets. The bag emptying machine with 3 infeed conveyors, 1 conveyor in the machine and 1 outfeed conveyor is the most used configuration to date. The outfeed conveyor is often combined with a stacker for stacking the empty pallets.

Other configurations are possible, for various options take a look at our project page or contact us.

Bag compacter or baler press

This machine is often delivered with a simple compactor for compacting the empty bags.

We offer 2 types of compactors:

  • Screw compactor can compact around 200 bags.
  • Compactor with rotating roll, can compact around 800 – 1000 bags.

It’s also possible to add a bale press:

  • Bale press, can compact 4000 bags per bale.

Pneumatic product transport

This machine is often installed in combination with pneumatic transport that will transport the product to silos.

The management of this transport is controlled by our CPU. We have designed a special PID-algorithm to optimize the pneumatic and / or product flow.

Remote support

On every machine we offer free remote support via VPN connection.

Because we implemented a Siemens comfort panel, we can remotely take over the bag-emptying machine or assist operators during the emptying process. We can also read fault codes and machine data this allows us to pro-actively warn customers about potential future problems.


Every machine can be equipped with a variety of options. Down below you will find an overview of the options.

Please contact us so that we together can configure the correct bag-emptying machine.

A - Automatic pallet in / outfeed with or without empty pallet stacker

ATS most used configuration has 3 infeed conveyors at the side, one conveyor in the machine and one outfeed conveyor. This outfeed conveyor is usually expanded with a stacker for stacking the empty pallets.

The stacker will move up and downwards with a SEW-motor. With a smart height detection system every pallet, even the American pallets with the small openings can be stacked.

There are different kind of stacker setups this depends on the machine configuration.

We are happy to advise you on the right choice.

With our bag-emptying system every pallets position is equipped with a separate motor. All our motors are made by SEW and controlled by an SEW-inverter.

Other machine configurations are always possible. You can take a look at our project page or contact us for different kind of setups.

B - Pneumatic product transport to silo’s or silo trucks

The product transport is realised by controlling a blower, rotary valve and if necessary, a cooler. A pressure and temperature sensor are integrated into the blower piping. The blower is controlled by the CPU that is located in the main control cabinet of the bag-emptying machine.

For the product transport to silo’s or silo trucks we have developed a special software based on a PID-control principle. With this software, the optimal product transport is realized per silo and per product.

For example, we have realized a project with 150, 3 chamber silos. These silos were divided in 3 silo groups with distances varying between 40 and 160 Meters.

With our high-capacity bag-emptying machine with pneumatic transport we are capable of filling a silo truck within an hour.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

C - Empty bag compacting with bag compactor or bale press

If the capacity of the machine is higher, it’s advisable to install a bag compactor or bale press to compact the empty bags.

We offer three different options for bag compacting.

  1. Screw compactor : capacity of 100 - 200 bags
  2. Compactor with rotating roller : capacity of 800 - 1000 bags
  3. Bale press : capacity of 3500 - 4000 bags

1. Screw compacter

The screw compactor is an efficient, cheap and eco-friendly solution.

The empty bags will fall via the empty bag hopper onto a short screw that is located inside a tube. The screw forces the bags through the tube into a bag that is clamped around the end of this tube with a special band. The pressure of the screw eventually compresses the bags about two thirds. A limit switch will detect if the screw compactor is full.

Capacity: 100 - 200 bags
Power: 3 kW

2. Bag compactor with rotating roller

The compactor with rotating roller has the advantage that it’s builds directly under the machine and does not protrude. The compression takes directly place by a rotating roller in a 1400 Litre PE film bag, which can transported with a pallet that has been placed within the compactor itself.

Additional plastic waste can also be thrown into the compactor by using the access / inspection hatch. Small space requirements and high compression results lead to the highest cost savings.

Capacity: 800 - 1000 bags
Power: 3 kW

3. Bale press

The horizontal compact bale press takes up little space and can be placed directly under the machine. A horizontally placed electro-hydraulically driven pressure plate, compresses the empty bags. This ensures the continuous supply chain of the machine. This unit can make bales of approximately 300 Kg. Additional plastic can also be thrown into the press through an access / inspection hatch.

Capacity: 3500 - 4000 bags
Power: 15 kW

D - Bag-emptying machine with automatic cleaning

We can equip the bag-emptying machine with different cleaning options:

Cleaning the bottom of the bags

  • There can be a lot of sand, dirt or other debris between the layers of bags. When you don’t want this to mix with the product then it’s possible by adding a rotating brush with height adjustment to clean the bottom of the bags. By transporting the bags from the lift to the emptying process the shuttle will drive the bags over rotating brushes. The brushes will move upwards until they meet the bags, because of the height adjustment it doesn’t matter if you use thin or thicker bags, the bottom will always be cleaned nicely. The debris will fall into a waste funnel that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the shuttle

  • By implementing an air knife above the shuttle, we can blow away granulate grains from blind spots when the cleaning cycle is active. This is often used by emptying small batches of different products.

Cleaning the product hopper

  • By implementing several air knifes including on the shuttle, we can blow away granulate grains from blind spots when the cleaning cycle is active. This is often used by emptying small batches of different products.

We would be happy to advise you on all possible cleaning methods. Contact us for more information.

E - Machine with ATEX(EX)-Implementation, suitable for powder products

For many powder products there is a dust explosion hazard while emptying. We can adapt our bag-emptying machine to minimize the dust cloud, but this won’t take away the full hazard. In this case you need to adapt your components to the ATEX(EX) directives. This option is always in combination with a cover and dust extraction.

Please contact us so that we can advise you for the best solutions.

F - Cover with dust extraction

When emptying powder products or other material that can release a lot of dust, it is advised to use a dust cover. If desired, we can provide a dust cover with three ports for dust extraction.

Please contact us for the possibilities.

G - Maintenance platform with stairs and access door

For maintenance, inspection and cleaning purposes on height it’s useful to equip the machine with a maintenance platform with stairs and access door. When you want to perform this kind of work you can simply request access at the control cabinet near the specific door.

Not all options are listed on this page. Click the button below to see all available options.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Approx. 2400 x 6300 x 3500 (B x L x H)
Capacity 400-600 Bags/hour

Approx. 99.98% (granulate)

Material contact parts 304 Stainless steel
Machine colours Frame RAL 7035 / Moving parts RAL 1023 / Fences and covers RAL 9005
Controller PLC Siemens 1500 system
Touch panel Siemens Comfort Panel
Motors/Inverters SEW
Remote support Via VPN-connection


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